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NSWP is seeking to appoint a Global Consultant to develop a Smart Sex Worker’s Guide on community-led responses to COVID-19. NSWP will consider applications from individuals based in or outside of the UK.
6 十二月 2021
The African Sex Worker Alliance (ASWA) has developed a sex workers’ murder monitoring tool for mapping murders and other cases of violence against sex workers in Africa. Announcing the launch of the tool, ASWA said: “There is lack of sufficient, consolidated, verified and analysed data on a single report on violence against sex workers in Africa.”
26 十月 2021
Sex Worker Pride began in 2019 and is an opportunity to celebrate and share stories of sex workers’ self-determination and the achievements of the sex worker rights movement. Sex Worker Pride extends to all marginalised by criminalisation, discrimination and stigma across the sex worker movement and celebrates the diversity within our community. NSWP members celebrated Sex Worker Pride 2021 on 14 September with in-person events, digital events, and sharing achievements across social media and online networks.
15 九月 2021

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社会数字化转型是一个持续的现象,过去十年信息通信技术(ICT)的日益普及加速了这种转变。然而,日常生活数字化程度的提高也给性工作者带来了新的威胁和挑战。本社区指南确定了 ICT 使用的一些当前趋势,探索了良好和不良做法,并检查了对性工作者安全、隐私和福祉的威胁和挑战
8 十一月 2021
8 十一月 2021
本简报说明重申了与性工作者主导组织进行有效合作和伙伴关系的原则和最佳实践。通过承认性工作者是专家,并有效纳入他们参与到影响他们生活的所有警务、项目、讨论和决策中,盟友可以在推动性工作者的人权和支持性工作者主导组织方面发挥关键作用。而当这些原则得不到维护时,盟友也会在有意和无意情况下破坏、隐身和排斥性工作者。 本简报说明提供了实际的例子,说明了这些行动的后果,并重申期望盟友促进强大和可持续伙伴关系。 您可以下载上面这个 4 页的资源。它有英语、法语、西班牙语、俄语和中文版本。
19 十月 2021