Two Day IAC Sex Worker Pre-Conference To Be Held in Melbourne

NSWP member, Scarlet Alliance will be hosting a two day Sex Worker Pre-Conference meeting on the 18th and 19th of July, 2014 will be held in Melbourne near the AIDS 2014 conference venue. Sessions will include orientation to the programs, themes and goals of the conference in order to facilitate meaningful engagement and greater sex worker input to the conference. Sex workers will come together to discuss, respond to and achieve a sex worker community analysis on core issues that can be progressed through both advocacy in the conference area, the networking zone, media and meetings surrounding the event and as part of future opportunities beyond the conference. 

There will be interactive skills building sessions, small group workshops exploring key themes and priorities for sex workers as well as local, regional and international presentations on critical components of the HIV and sex work response, new evidence and emerging themes.

For a session at the end of the second day on the 19th July, we will invite allies to join us to prepare for the main conference, network and discuss sessions that impact sex workers.

There will be a satellite session discussing outcomes from the pre-conference with invited guests and conference delegates.

Please complete the form to register your interest in attending the Sex Worker Pre- Conference. 

This 2 day Pre-Conference meeting is free for all sex workers and meals will be provided during the pre-conference, however registration is required. Included in the form will be a question for you to contribute to a key theme for focus at the pre-conference. It will enable us to see what issues are of interest or a priority for discussion to sex workers globally. Themes nominated by sex workers for prioritization will be added to the key themes of the conference for discussion.