Les membres du NSWP se composent d’organisations et de réseaux locaux, régionaux et nationaux de travailleurSEs du sexe répartis dans cinq régions : L’Afrique, l’Asie-Pacifique, l’Europe (y compris l’Europe de l’Est et l’Asie centrale), l’Amérique latine et, l’Amérique du Nord et les Caraïbes.

Toutes les organisations membres doivent adhérer aux valeurs fondamentales du NSWP et à la Déclaration de consensus sur le travail du sexe, les droits humains et le droit. Seules les organisations et les réseaux dirigés par des travailleurSEs du sexe ont le droit de voter.

Les membres du NSWP sont issus de cultures et de contextes variés, tout comme le sont les histoires de leurs organisations. La plupart sont des organisations indépendantes dirigées par des travailleurSEs du sexe,

certaines sont des groupes informels de travailleurSEs du sexe qui existent au sein d’organisations plus larges et d’autres sont des organisations non gouvernementales qui soutiennent les droits des travailleurSEs du sexe. Certaines organisations membres dispensent des services, d’autres se concentrent sur les actions de plaidoyer ou se mobilisent pour tenter d’améliorer les conditions de vie des travailleurSEs du sexe ; toutes combattent les violations des droits des travailleurSEs du sexe qui mettent en danger leur santé et leur bien-être.

La liste de nos membres est accessible sur le site Internet, sur les pages réservées aux régions en cliquant sur le parapluie rouge situé sur la carte.

Remarque : Pour des raisons de sécurité, il n’est pas mentionné sur le site du NSWP quels sont les membres qui sont des organisations dirigées par des travailleurSEs du sexe. Les membres peuvent aussi choisir de ne pas apparaitre sur la partie du site Internet accessible au public.

Regional updates

16th mars 2020 | Region: Global

The Red Umbrella Fund is looking for a Red Umbrella Fund Coordinator, starting June 2020 and to be based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

7th mars 2020 | Region: Global

NSWP joined more than 200 organisations in developing and adopting the Feminist Declaration, an alternative to the political declaration that outlines the steps necessary to achieve gender equality. 

Read the Feminist Declaration here.

3rd mars 2020 | Region: Global

Sex worker groups around the world hold events and actions to mark March 3rd, International Sex Workers’ Rights Day.

25th février 2020 | Region: Europe

The murders of sex workers in France are met by government indifference.

We are told that "prostitution" is violence, and that there were murders of sex workers before the criminalization of clients. But no. Not so many, not so often, not to this level. In 18 years of selling sex, I have never attended so many ceremonies and commemorations of deceased colleagues. In 15 years of whore activism and unionism, I’ve never seen so many STRASS members assaulted and raped, including one of our spokespersons and our General Secretary.

21st janvier 2020 | Region: Global

Love Positive Women is a global holiday to celebrate the amazing women living with HIV through activities, interventions and events from February 1- 14th. 

Since 2013, over 500 events have been led by networks and groups of women living with HIV, lovers, allies and partners. Every year people do inspiring, powerful and creative projects to Love Positive Women.

9th janvier 2020 | Region: Asia and the Pacific

China has brought an end to the use of forced labour as punishment for those prosecuted under anti-sex work laws. Although sex work is still criminalised in the country, national media in China has reported that the detention system came to an end at the end of December 2019, and those in custody will be released. 

7th janvier 2020 | Region: Global

NSWP is recruiting for a Communications Officer, to join the NSWP team either as a part-time (80%) staff member in Edinburgh, or as a consultant (based outside of the UK).

19th décembre 2019 | Region: Global

NSWP is seeking to appoint four Global Consultants in 2020, to lead the development of our advocacy tools.

19th décembre 2019 | Region: Europe

Following the decision of February 1 of the French Constitutional Council not to invalidate the penalisation of clients under the Prostitution Law, 250 sex workers working in France have decided to bring their case to the European Court of Human Rights. They are supported by 19 community, health and feminist organizations that defend the health and rights of all those involved in the sex trade.

18th décembre 2019 | Region: Global

Yesterday sex workers around the world marked 17th December, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

29th novembre 2019 | Region: Global

This World AIDS Day, UNAIDS celebrates the role of communities in the international AIDS response. The theme of World AIDS Day 2019 is ‘communities make the difference’, and UNAIDS has launched new materials highlighting the important role played by communities in the HIV response.

26th novembre 2019 | Region: Asia and the Pacific

Australia's Northern Territory Parliament has voted to decriminalise sex work through the Sex Industry Bill 2019. The Bill decriminalises brothels, soliciting and indoor sex work, and gives sex workers access to workplace health and safety protections already extended to other workers in the state. 

25th novembre 2019 | Region: Global

In 2019, the Global 16 Days Campaign will focus on violence in the world of work and the ratification of the newly adopted ILO (International Labour Organization) special instruments on violence and harassment in the world of work.